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TANGONETICS by Maria Blanco, creator!

TANGONETICS is a method to learn or improve your Tango dancing Skills that works within the natural possibilities of human anatomy and the idiosyncrasies of Tango

“To learn to connect with our body is a journey that never ends. 

Such a vast and and unexplored territory deserves our kind attention 

before we even try to change or bend it in any way. Our bodies are perfect 

the way they are to enjoy this dance born from vernacular roots" 

"Let's work on smart and useful tools to make the most out of it.”

A review of the research that was conducted to develop it will focus on : TANGO HISTORY, IDIOSYNCRASY, GENRE and STYLE, TECHNIQUE, MYTHS  and DOGMAS, STUDENT and TEACHER ROLES, PEDAGOGY, ART HISTORY.



8 pm Eastern Time/ 5 pm Western time

9 pm Buenos Aires time A message from Maria: I will present the theoretical and exercise classes from a laboratory logic, a place where the teacher “... does not teach his pupils his knowledge, but orders them to venture into the forest of things and signs, to say what they have seen and what they think of what they have seen, to verify it and have it verified” (J.Rancière)  I am aware how challenging to leave our comfort zone can be, but I also know that once we move away from the already known, we enter a whole new territory.  Comfort never leads to new discoveries and only critical tools allow the path to emancipation.I will present all that I have researched so far in relation to tango from a variety of fields like history, semiotics, philosophy, psychoanalysis and movement techniques. A web of knowledge is the result of this 'dot-connection' methodology that provides a new paradigm on tango dancing.


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! But we need your commitment; both classes attendance is required. The program is divided in two encounters and attendance to both is necessary to comprehend the reach of the method.  For quick access just go to: paypal.me/MARIALANDIA TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL mariablancotango@gmail.com


1) PowerPoint presentation lecture and Q & A. 2) PowerPoint presentation lecture, sitting exercises and Q & A. 3) Movement exercises. The logic behind the exercises so the students can create their own tools.  4) General review, bibliography and Q & A forum.  Note: A GoogleDrive link containing the bibliography and resources will be provided.  Other inquires, questions? :  contact@rougertango renee.rouger@gmail.com

ABOUT MARIA Maria is a professional Argentine tango dancer, instructor and choreographer.. A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria began dancing at the age of six, studying modern dance. Her professional career as an Argentine Tango dancer began in 2003. In Buenos Aires she worked as the lead tango instructor and event organizer at exclusive hotels such as the Faena , Four Seasons, Alvear and Sofitel. She directed and choreographed shows in Argentina and Uruguay. An important part of her career has been performing for TV and advertisements such as Panasonic, Dj Hero and Coca Cola combining both her dancing and acting skills. Model for Vogue, National Geographic and Travel & Leisure photographers.She has been a member and performer of ‘ Leonardo Cuello dance company’,’ Mora Godoy’, ‘Señor Tango’, ‘Homero Manzi’, Cafe del los Angelitos’ and ‘Tango Porteño.’ Juror for the Asian World Tango Championship in the city of Tokyo, Japan, NYC Tango Championship and the Indonesian Championship. She has toured around the USA, Italy, Israel, China, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay and Indonesia and as a guest star in Tango Festivals such as the Red Carpet, Teso, Tango Secrets and Chicago Tango Fest. Performer at the Latin Grammys 2010 in Las Vegas. Leading dance couple and choreographers at Malbec and Tango House in NYC during 2013 and 2014 together with Jorge Torres.She has traveled around Asia, Europe and North America teaching at dance congresses and as a juror for competitions. She has performed at the most distinguished venues such as the International Women’s Forum, Latin Grammys and the Neiman Foundation at Harvard University. She has been a lead dancer and choreographer for ongoing shows in Buenos Aires and New York and toured with dance companies around the world. She is currently based in Buenos Aires studying for her Art Curatorship degree and an Opera History course, while she continues her research on Argentine tango. Her Tangonetics method is the capitalization of her extended experience as a dancer and teacher as well as her academic research.


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